russell keith concrete custom printed clipboard







Arbor Mills fine cabinets hard board custom printed clipboard










Custom printed clipboards, premium grade hardboard is Dark Brown and hard to Source. Beautiful smooth writing surface has twice the Strength as

light brown. Logo printed in White or Black ink. Builds credence to your Company’s products or Services.
Clipboard is 9 x 12.5 inches , Low profile metal clip holds letter size 8.5 x 11. Metal clip is riveted securely to short side . Hardened steel semi tubular rivets. Made USA, St Louis, MO.Logo clipboards.

Custom printed promotional clipboards are an effective way to reach new clients and stimulate past customers to reorder or at least offer you a new referral  contact. Imprinted wooden clipboards.

Get the right persons to talk about YOUR business. You can do this. Order

premium dark brown clipboards screen printed  with  Company logo  or mission statement.

Notice that Russell Keith Concrete logo is printed on back side opposite

metal clip. User walks around displaying the noted Concrete Contractor’s

personal logo, phone number. 901-837-3507. Smart.

Crane Binder Technologies also supplies  custom size wood clipboards.

We can create your design logo type set artwork.

Plan your design. e-mail us at cranebinder@gmail.com

Phone us at 800.298.5555 TODAY !


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